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3D-Bioprinter: Peirce-Cottler Lab

Dr. Shayn Peirce-Cottler

This state-of-the-art 3D-bioprinter is available for use with multiple print-heads, various soft gels and cell types.


For more information, please contact George Christ or Shayn Peirce-Cottler.

Check out this video of our 3D-Bioprinter in action!

3D-Bioprinters: Christ Lab

Dr. George Christ

Several state-of-the-art 3D-bioprinters from different manufacturers are available for use.

These printers are equipped with multiple print-heads and are capable of printing various soft gels and cell types.

For more information, please contact George Christ or Shayn Peirce-Cottler.


c/o Kyle Lampe

A Spraybase Electrospinner / Electrosprayer is available. Contact Kyle Lampe for more information.

Nanoimprint Lithography System

c/o Nathan Swami

The assembly of integrative tissue systems requires capabilities for additive construction of scaffolds embedded with different cell types that are patterned over multiple layers. In order to construct such architectures of tissue systems, we have assembled a suite of tools centered around the theme of imprinting polymeric layers that are embedded with biological cells, followed by alignment to subsequent layers and their eventual bonding for the construction of a hybrid implantable tissue platform. Capabilities include:

  • Double-sided lithographic alignment of layers (EVG 620)

  • Imprinting under UV or visible light curing conditions with top or bottom molds (Soft-NIL)

  • Automated pressure control for imprinting and de-molding  (Smart NIL).

  • Patterned delivery of biomolecules (micro-contact printing)

  • Hot embossing for imprinting and bonding (EVG 510)

Other tools within the Class 1000 clean room include: soft stamp fabrication system, resist spinning and patterning, plasma treatment, and stylus tip-based profilometry for characterization of the structures. Location: Wilsdorf B0007. For more information contact Nathan Swami.

Peptide Synthesizer

c/o Steven Caliari and Kyle Lampe

This peptide synthesizer from Protein Technologies is a 2 RV system with IR heating, UV monitoring of deprotection, and on-board cleavage from resin. Peptides can be in solid or solution phase, and the device provides email/text alerts. For more information contact Steven Caliari or Kyle Lampe.


c/o Steven Caliari

This rheometer from Anton Paar (model MCR-302) has temperature and humidity control. Additionally, the rheometer has staging to do extensional tests and light curing (UV, vis).


For more information contact Steven Caliari.

Brief video of our Rheometer in action!

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