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The UVA Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing offers seed fund grants to support innovative research  that makes use of the Center's equipment. Seed grants lead to competitive external grant applications, provisional patents, and peer-reviewed publications in a 6-18 month time frame from the date of funding.

  • Applications are reviewed by the Steering Committee on a rolling basis.

  • Projects must be directly relevant to biomanufacturing.

  • Project integrates with the Center's ongoing activities and mission.**

  • Total award amount can range from $1,000-$20,000 per grant.

  • Funds are limited to supplies only (salary, student stipends, and equipment are not allowable budget items).

  • Additional funding may be available to take projects to the next steps. To receive additional funding, please submit a new proposal and new budget. 

  • Principal Investigators of funded seed projects agree to provide quarterly progress updates to the Center's Steering Committee.

**Prior to submission, applicants must have a conversation with one or more CAD Bio Steering Committee members to explore how the proposed project would integrate with the Center's current activities and research projects.

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