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The UVA Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing, CAD Bio, supports collaborative research focused on developing innovative regenerative materials.


Intended use for these materials are in advanced biomanufacturing, rapid proto-typing platforms amenable to scale-up, and integration and patterning for construction of hierarchical tissue systems.


CAD Bio brings together UVA's technical expertise in advanced manufacturing, biomaterials synthesis, biomechanics, mechanobiology, multiscale modeling, imaging, orthopedic clinical translation, and rehabilitation.


A central application focus is the improved treatment of the otherwise irrecoverable muscle injuries that result from trauma or congenital defects (e.g., cleft lip/palate) and acquired conditions (e.g., muscle tissue loss due to tumor excision or infection). 



4th Annual Mid-Atlantic Advanced Biomanufacturing Symposium
10.27.19 - 10.28.19
UVA Inn at Darden


Researchers in the Peirce-Cottler laboratory develop 3D-printing strategies that are informed by agent-based computational models. 

Researchers in the Lampe laboratory engineer novel hydrogels for use in neural tissue engineering. 

The Christ laboratory is engineering skeletal muscle that can be used in reconstructive surgeries for repairing volumetric muscle defects associated with craniofacial defects.

3D Bioprinting

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